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Wireless Network Solutions

Wireless Network Solutions

Leveraging New Wireless Technology  

Today, energy efficiency upgrades are recognized as being critical as energy costs continue to rise. Installation costs play a key determining factor with both new or retrofit control systems. Older buildings which are undergoing a retrofit phase are faced with the challenge of having to run new communication infrastructure within the space. This process is a labor intensive and expensive proposal often requiring remodeling. In many cases, budgets will simply not permit such upgrades and the installation of more efficient control systems are therefore postponed. In such cases, buildings retain their older less efficient controllers and continue to pay higher costs for the inefficient energy usage of legacy systems.

The “No New Wires” Wireless Solution

Viconics has specifically designed a simple yet powerful wireless solution which targets such retrofit installations where running new communication wiring is cost prohibitive. Viconics communicating wireless temperature controllers will dramatically reduce project installation costs by re-using the existing control wiring already in place between older electronic thermostats and the terminal equipment. No new network wires are required since the controllers rely on a fully integrated ZigBee® wireless mesh network infrastructure. Both sensor and controller are integrated into one device. Batteries are not required and will never need to be serviced or replaced.The controllers are also available with an integrated passive infra-red motion sensor (PIR) which together with advanced demand based occupancy strategies further optimizes the controller. This provides additional energy savings to unoccupied zones during scheduled occupancy periods. This new solution opens up exciting new opportunities, which until now had no viable return on investment.

Viconics Wireless Solutions are ideal for:

• Banks and Retail Stores
• Office Buildings
• Classrooms
• Portable Classrooms
• Dormitories
• Small Buildings
• Hotels & Hospitality

Open New Opportunities

Viconics’ wireless temperature controllers provide simple integration into the Niagara AX™ Workbench™ environment using common toolsets. The key strength of the Niagara AX™ software framework lies in its ability to normalize data and behavior between various devices, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol used. The Niagara AX™ software framework and development environment can now be maximized with the help of Viconics’ latest wireless product offering. This opens exciting new opportunities with increased ROI and accelerated payback.