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SED-WLS-G-5045 Wireless Water Leakage Sensor

Product Number: SED-WLS-G-5045 (ZigBee Pro)

SED-WLS-G-5045 Wireless Water Leakage Sensor

The water leak sensor is easy to install and communicates with the SE8000 room controller using the latest ZigBee protocol for faster response times and more accurate inputs for each zone. And it can be integrated into Building Management Systems for overall building supervision. It is ideal for offices, hotels, schools, dormitories, military barracks, data centers, trading centers, banks, archives, and other mission critical infrastructures.

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  • Simple installation
    • No power wiring required. Power provided by batteries (included).
    • No installation necessary. Just put the sensor onto the floor near water or drain pipes, water tanks, dehumidifier equipment, drain pans, or other areas of concern and connect it to the controller.
  • Smart control
    • The SED-WLS-G-5045 communicates wirelessly with SE8000 series room controllers reporting whether there is water or not.
    • Improves security by sending alarm and/or controlling pumps and/or valves.
SED-WLS-G-5045 Wireless water leakage sensor
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SED-WLS-G-5045 Technical Cut Sheet
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SED-WLS-G-5045 Water Leakage Sensor Installation guide
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Pairing Procedure with VT8000 for Zigbee Sensors
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