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Wireless CO2 Sensor

Product Number: SED-CO2-G-5045 & SED-TRH-G-5045

Wireless CO2 Sensor

Wireless CO2 Sensor

Comfort is more than just a serene, pleasant ambiance.
It’s also about clean, fresh air, and ensuring a healthy
environment inside a building.

Whether you’re in a school, restaurant, office or other
small building, the CO2 + TRH Sensor will help ensure the
well-being of your customers, students, or personnel.

Putting you on the fast track to Building LEED, BREEAM
and Green Star Certification, the CO2 +TRH Sensor

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Wireless CO2 Sensor

  • Performance: maintains high performance in varying air type environments
  • Reliability: provides accurate and reliable carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity measurement
  • Conformity: conforms to ASHRAE specifications for Green Building Standards
  • Improved air quality: achieves optimal ventilation and reduces stagnant air
  • Durability: adapts to a multitude of environments
  • Affordable: easily convince customers to invest in improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Features: choose between the TRH and CO2 + TRH model to fit your needs
Wireless CO2 Sensor
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 Technical Cut Sheet
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Installation Guide
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Pairing Procedure with SE8000 Room Controller
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