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VT7656E Indoor Air Quality Controller

Product Number: VT7656E

VT7656E Indoor Air Quality Controller

It is not uncommon for most of us to spend up to 90% of our time indoors. A large portion of that time is often dedicated to a working environment in a commercial building. Studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show that indoor air can contain levels of pollutants that are actually higher than levels typically found outdoors.

In light of this, indoor air quality has become a major concern to businesses, building managers, tenants, and employees because of its direct impact on the comfort, well-being, and productivity of the building's occupants. Not all buildings have severe indoor air-quality issues, yet even well-run buildings can experience episodes of poor indoor air quality.

The Viconics VT7656E Indoor Air Quality Controller (IAQ), along with your preferred CO2 sensor, is a cost-effective solution that is capable of controlling economizer-free cooling and IAQ demand-based ventilation strategy while providing a fresh air measurement input right out of the box. The Viconics IAQ Controller replaces the need for custom programmed DDC controllers and sensors in order to achieve the same results as in the past. When connected to a building automation system, the Viconics IAQ Controller can monitor and verify the CO2 and fresh air levels, ensuring that air quality and energy efficiency is optimized.

While primarily designed for use in small to midsized commercial building applications such as office buildings or schools, the Viconics IAQ Controller can be installed in any other building type currently using a standard packaged rooftop or heat pump unit with a requirement for fresh air control. The Viconics IAQ Controller provides a simple cost-effective solution. It offers advanced pre-programmed sequences of operations that can be installed without special software, tools or the presence of a network. This greatly reduces the installation cost and commissioning complexity while providing control functions immediately when powered on.

Further energy saving benefits can be achieved with the use of a local onboard passive infrared motion sensor (PIR) that can automatically detect local activity allowing the IAQ to be controlled only when occupants are present thus saving on unnecessary energy costs. This functionality along with configurable night setback features makes it an economical yet highly effective control solution, which brings IAQ control and energy savings features in one simple yet powerful package that is Network Ready, BACnet®, or ZigBee® Wireless compatible.

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Features of the VT7656E Indoor Air Quality Controller

  • Controls IAQ with any third-party remote return duct or wall-mounted CO2 sensor
  • Controls and measures fresh air with any third-party fresh air measurement station
  • Embedded free cooling economizer loop
  • One small compact thermostat-like controller
  • Network-ready functionality built in
  • Passive infrared sensor (PIR) cover available as an accessory

VT7656E Indoor Air Quality Product Documentation

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VT7656E BACnet Integration Guide
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 VT7656E Installation Guide
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 VT7656E User Interface Guide
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VT7656E Technical Cut Sheet
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VT7000 Quick Reference Guide
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VT7000 Series Compatibility Matrix with ZigBee Pro Sensors


VT7656E Indoor Air Quality Engineering Guide Specifications

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VT7656E Engineering Guide Specifications
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VT7000 Series PIR Cover Documentation

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VT7000 Series Installation Guide
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VT7000 Series Application Guide
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