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GW2 Wireless Gateway Manager

Product Number: GW2-0I0-00

GW2 Wireless Gateway Manager

The GW2 Wireless Gateway Manager is targeted for either retrofit or new construction applications where the addition of communicating field bus wiring within the building space is prohibitive. The GW2 and Communicating Room Controllers with a wireless field bus encourages the use of existing wiring utilized by existing electronic controller type controls.

The GW2, when utilized in conjunction with the Room Controllers, will offer the integrator simple BACnet IP objects to integrate over standard building automation systems using familiar integration toolsets.

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Control features
• Wireless control of end-devices
• Points visible through BACnet®
• Supports up to 20 Room Controllers per GW2

The GW2 has an aesthetic look, similar to a router, allowing for in-room deployment.

• Supports 20 Room Controllers with no new communication wiring required
• No special tools or training required
• Integrates into your preferred BACnet IP system
• Points visible through BACnet IP
• Provides fail-safe default functionality if network connectivity is offline and eliminates the need for any
additional communication wiring

Third-party interoperability

• BACnet IP

GW2 Wireless Manager product documentation
Download files
GW2 Wireless Manager Technical Cut Sheet
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GW2 Wireless Manager Installation Guide
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GW2 Wireless Manager User Guide
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GW2 Wireless Manager Datasheet
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Lua Programming Guidelines for MPM
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GW2 Wireless Manager 
Program files
GW2 Wireless Manager Firmware Upgrade