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OBSOLETE - SED-WDS-P Wireless Window and Door Sensor

Product Number: SED-WDS-P (ZigBee Pro)

OBSOLETE - SED-WDS-P Wireless Window and Door Sensor

The SED-WDS-P door and window contact switch communicates wirelessly with any VT8000 Series Room Controllers, reporting when doors and windows are opened or closed. Using this information, the VT8000s advanced occupancy management control sequences regulate HVAC equipment and other connected systems to maximize energy savings without compromizing comfort. 

In hotels and other hospitality facilities, the contact switch enables the automated set-back or stand-by of HVAC equipment and other systems to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

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• Compact size
• Three color LED event indication
• Long battery life (up to 5 years)
• Easy battery replacement
• ZigBee Pro wireless low power communication
• Easy pairing with VT8000
• Reports on : Open/Closed status of doors and windows

SED-WDS-P Wireless window and door sensor
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SED-WDS-P Technical Cut Sheet
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SED-WDS-P Door and Window Sensor Installation guide
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Pairing Procedure with VT8000 for Zigbee Sensors
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