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VZ7000 Series Wireless Commercial Zoning System

Product Number: VZ7000

VZ7000 Series Wireless Commercial Zoning System

The second generation Viconics VWZS Wireless Zoning System has been specifically designed to bring a simple scalable wireless zoning solution to the commercial midmarket without the cost associated with a typical DDC zoning system.

Our zoning system now provides even more flexibility by offering additional functionality and new models covering more applications while still achieving excellent energy savings. The new central models include rooftop and heat pump units controlling analog heat, CO2 levels and indoor air quality in conjunction with zoning controllers that provide floating and analog damper control. The most unique feature of the zoning system is its scalability; a single central controller unit can support up to 100 individual zone controllers.

All zone controllers can be ordered with an on-board passive infrared occupancy sensor cover (PIR) that allows for advanced occupancy strategies. This enables the zone controllers to be able to provide even greater energy savings to zones during scheduled occupied events when no occupants are present. This automatic energy-saving feature reduces overall operating costs and accelerates return on investment.

The VWZS offers unparalleled flexibility through the use of the ZigBee® communication protocol. With exceptional system performance rivaling more costly and complex programmable automation systems, the VWZS can be installed at a fraction of the total cost of a comparable system. System setup, installation and commissioning have been simplified by eliminating the need for additional external commissioning equipment or tools. All required testing and configuration including addressing and zone-weighting is accomplished using the easy-to-read LCD interface provided on all controllers.

Moreover, since no other programming tools are required, mechanical service technicians can quickly and easily install and service the system without costly support from other controls vendors.

The VWZS offers unparalleled flexibility through the use of the ZigBee® communication protocol. With the simple addition of a Viconics VWG-APP-1000 wireless communication card into any Jace2 or Jace6 hardware platform and the help of your preferred Tridium Niagara AX™ vendor; the zoning system can be fully integrated into the Niagara AX™ software framework and development environment from Tridium. Bringing a Cost-effective, Scalable Zoning System to the Commercial Market VZ7260 Zoning Controller with (PIR) Motion Sensor VZ7656 Central Controller

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Viconics 2nd Generation Wireless Zoning System



Best in class system scalability Can be used in small to large size systems. A maximum of 100 zones can be installed for each central unit controller

Provides DDC type control functionality and accuracy

Delivers the same performance as a full BMS without the higher cost associated with it.

No external software tools required for installation, commissioning or servicing with embedded local HMI utility

Faster learning curve for first time installers. Provides quick, simple installation. No previous experience required

Uses ZigBee® communication protocol

No network wires are required for system communication

Full line of models offer solutions for a wide range of application

Can be used on various types of systems including typical RTU with various extra required functions as well as heat pump units

Can control IAQ with any typical third-party wall-mounted C02 sensor

Control of IAQ means healthier and more productive occupants

Controls and measures fresh air with any third-party fresh air measurement station

Meets new IAQ requirements and can assists in achieving LEED credits

Provides embedded free cooling economizer loop

Provides true energy savings with adjustable economizer control loop. Minimum fresh air can be measured and controlled with fresh air measurement station

Built in Network-ready functionality

Allows for future Network functionality along with remote monitoring of all critical system data points for sustainability

Passive infrared sensor (PIR) cover available as either an accessory or factory mounted option

Further energy savings is possible with the use of a local (PIR) cover to automatically detect local occupancy.


VZ7000 Series Wireless Commercial Zoning System Product documentation
Downloadable files
VZ7000 Application Guide
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VZ7000 Technical Cut Sheet
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VZ7000 Integration Guide
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VZ7000 Engineering Guide Specifications
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VZ7000 Controller Documentation
Downloadable files
VZ7260X Installation Guide
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VZ7656E Installation Guide
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VZ7656F Wireless Installation Guide
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VZ7656R & VZ7656H Wireless Installation Guide
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