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Solutions for Military Facilities

Solutions for Military Facilities

Adopting New Strategies for Energy Management

With the cost of energy steadily rising, energy management has become an important issue for military installations. In an effort to become self sufficient, the US military has recently set forth a goal of achieving net-zero energy consumption by the year 2030. Today implementing reliable intelligent energy saving strategies for barracks and other facilities, which respect indoor air quality and health standards, has become essential from an economical and environmental standpoint. In recent years, mold and indoor air quality have become serious health issues with some installations.

Today’s Challenge

Upgrading installations controlled by older mechanical or digital programmable thermostats has always been an issue. Controller and network wiring, field labor and subsequent remodeling costs often have a dramatic impact on budgets. As a result, upgrades to more efficient control systems are frequently postponed. Many facilities retain their older, less efficient controllers and continue to pay higher costs for inefficient energy usage of legacy systems. In some cases these older systems may result in possible health issues to military personnel.

A Proven Solution

Viconics has specifically designed a simple yet powerful solution which targets retrofit installations. Field wiring costs are reduced by re-using the existing control wiring already installed between older electronic thermostats and the terminal equipment. This combined with highly integrated architecture, dramatically reduces project installation costs. Viconics solutions combine sensor, controller, optional passive infrared motion sensor (PIR) and relative humidity (RH) sensor, into a single package!

The PIR sensor, along with an advanced occupancy strategy, automatically guaranties energy savings by setting back the temperature to stand-by mode when no motion is detected in an unoccupied space such as a barrack. The built-in RH sensor can be incorporated into control strategies to greatly improve indoor air quality.Advanced features such as lockout and password protection prevent unauthorized access. Viconics controls are a proven solution and can be found in numerous military installations and are approved by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Future Ready Solutions

Viconics controls are available in networked or Network Ready versions and can be integrated into most building automation systems by your preferred BAS system integrator. Network-ready versions can be easily field-upgraded to industry leading open communication standard rotocols including Lontalk®, BACnet® and Wireless Zigbee®, by simply adding a network card. This llows for cost-effective future integration with maximum energy savings.