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Hospitality Retrofit Solutions

Hospitality Retrofit Solutions

Today’s Challenge

In today’s highly competitive hospitality market; businesses are continually looking for new ways to effectively reduce operating costs and
 save energy. The challenge remains to provide hospitality measures relating to guest comfort that translate to customer satisfaction and loyalty, while optimizing energy performance and causing the least amount of disruption to your daily business as possible.

The Simple, Cost Effective, Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Retrofit Solution

Viconics has developed a powerful upgrade for fan coil units controlled by older mechanical or digital stand-alone thermostats. Viconics provides a cost-effective hospitality retrofit solution that will have a dramatic impact on your triple bottom line while ensuring optimum guest comfort. Our solution reduces your energy costs, improves your ROI with accelerated payback, often in less than 12 months. The solution includes the VTR7300 terminal equipment controller, VC3000 relay power pack and integrates a passive infrared motion sensor (PIR), set point limitation, advanced flexible occupancy routines and other functions typically found in advanced expensive DDC type controllers. Wireless door and window switches are also available which facilitate retrofits and provide additional energy savings. The PIR motion sensor and advanced occupancy algorithm automatically assures maximum energy savings for unoccupied rooms or during housecleaning periods. For rooms which are booked, further energy savings are obtained by automatically setting back the temperature to a stand-by mode when no motion is detected in the room. Now you can welcome your guest to a hotel room with ideal temperature and control while benefiting from optimum energy savings.

The Viconics hospitality solution reduces the number of components required for a retrofit and re-uses the existing line-voltage wiring between the fan coil unit and controller; thereby, reducing the overall labor, time and installation costs associated with traditional retrofit projects. Installation, configuration and commissioning do not require any special toolsets or custom software and can be done quickly by electrical or in-house maintenance staff. Furthermore the retrofits do not involve painting or remodeling and can be done at any time, without having to wait years for the next major retrofit cycle, so you can start saving money now!

Network Ready Solutions

Our solution can be easily integrated into most building automation and front desk reservation systems by your favorite BAS system integrator. This provides significant future energy savings through chiller and boiler plant optimization. Our hospitality solution will also reduce long-term service costs by prolonging the life of the fan coil terminal equipment and increasing the life cycle of your system as a whole!