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Energy Efficiancy in the Healthcare Market

Much work has been done over the past few years to try and raise awareness of the benefits of energy conservation in healthcare  markets. A recent study of several large community hospitals identified that utility costs still represent approximately 40% of their total operations and maintenance expenditures. Today’s new technologies offering lower energy consumption and better control make energy consumption more efficient and less costly, thereby redirecting savings back to direct patient care activities.

Many of todays healthcare facilities were built at a time when capital costs were greater than operating costs. As a result facilities have now reached a point where they must be re-modernized or even replaced. In the majority of cases, hospital expansions are simply built onto the older inefficient systems.

With rising utility costs, it is important to recognize that most facility systems use multiple times their original capital cost in energy over their lifetime. Total life-cycle costs (energy, maintenance and labor requirements) are a major factor in the healthcare sectors ability to control increasing operational costs. Keeping equipment efficient through proper maintenance and good operational practices is key to lower energy costs.

Control, Comfort and Performance

The Viconics VT8000 temperature controllers provide a powerful solution for hospitality facilities looking for new ways to render buildings more efficient. One small, easy to install control package offers advanced pre-programmed sequences of operation which require no extra programming to operate. Installation can be done without special software, tools or the presence of a network. This greatly reduces installation costs and commissioning complexity while providing control functions immediately when powered on.

Automatic energy savings can be achieved via the built in occupancy sensor that automatically detects local activity. This prompts the unit to activate heating or cooling sequences only when spaces are occupied thus saving on unnecessary energy costs in areas of the building with less activity. This functionality along with configurable night setback features makes it an economical yet highly effective control solution.

The VT8000 can be installed both wired or wirelessly. In situations where running new network wiring is prohibitive due to physical obstacles or costs, the wireless option allows for much more flexibility. Reliable wireless network functionality represents another layer of potential cost savings as project costs can be reduced by simply eliminating the need for installing any new wires. In situations where a wired installation is required, BACnet®, or ZigBee® wireless compatibility allows you to choose the best communication protocol for your needs.

The customization options we’ve built into our units allow you to tailor how the controllers are used for your specific requirements. In addition our full color LCD display allows you to customize language options, screen color, temperature scale and control buttons. You can even display your own custom logo or text prompts with just a few simple clicks.

Network Ready for Future Scalability

The most unique feature of this system is its scalability. Controllers are available in both communicating models with integrated wireless connectivity or network ready models which can easily be converted to communicating with an optional wireless communication card. This allows the system to grow along with your requirements when needs change or budgets allow. Existing units do not need to be removed to upgrade functionality.

Viconics products offer further flexibility through the use of the ZigBee® communication protocol. Moreover, since no external programming tools are required, mechanical service technicians can quickly and easily service the system without the need for support from other controls vendors.