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Solutions for Educational Buildings

Solutions for Educational Buildings

Energy Management

With the cost of energy steadily rising, energy management has become an important issue for school administrators. Implementing intelligent energy saving strategies that also respect indoor air quality and comfort have become essential from an economical, environmental and health standpoint. 

A Solution that Guaranties Energy Savings and Optimizes Comfort

The Viconics Academic Building Controls have been specifically designed to bring simple control solutions to the educational K-12 market without the high cost associated with traditional building automation systems. These communicating wall controllers are supplied pre-programmed, to suit most commonly used applications for lecture halls, classrooms, dormitories, gymnasiums and portable classrooms. They are simple to use and install. Configuration and commissioning do not require any special toolsets or custom software and can be done by electrical or maintenance staff. They are designed to control most HVAC terminal equipment in both new and retrofit applications. They are powerful retrofit friendly upgrades for older mechanical, digital, stand-alone, or programmable thermostats and reduce energy costs while improving ROI with accelerated payback, often in less than 12 months.A recent study found that approximately 75% of programmable thermostats were operating incorrectly, improperly programmed or were only used in manual mode after two years in service. The Viconics VT7000 series controllers feature an integrated passive infrared motion sensor (PIR) that guaranties energy savings by setting back the temperature automatically to stand-by mode when no motion is detected in a classroom or dormitory. The result is increased energy savings with comfortable classrooms that provide an environment conducive to learning and allow staff and students to function to their full potential and efficiency. 

Network Ready Solutions

Viconics (ABC) Academic Building Controls can now be easily field-upgraded to industry leading open communication standard protocols including Wireless ZigBee®, BACnet® and Lontalk® by simply adding a network card, allowing for effective integration into the building automation system of your choice by your favorite BAS system integrator. The result is a future ready wired or wireless network solution that provides industry leading energy savings requiring very little or no maintenance.