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SED-WIN & SED-DOR series ZigBee Pro™ wireless switches for VT7000 Series

Product Number: SED-WIN & SED-DOR (ZigBee Pro) for VT7000 Series

SED-WIN & SED-DOR series ZigBee Pro™ wireless switches for VT7000 Series

The SED-WIN & SED-DOR series ZigBee Pro™ wireless switches are used with the wireless versions of VT7000 Series Terminal Equipment Controllers.

A typical hospitality application is where the VT7000 wall terminal equipment controller has an on-board PIR sensor and wireless switches are used to monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows. Wireless door switches used with the local VT7000 PIR cover provide advanced local occupancy routines allowing for increased energy savings during occupied hours without sacrificing occupant comfort.

Wireless window switches are used to monitor outside windows and or patio and balcony doors being opened or closed. This allows prevention of unnecessary energy consumption by the tenants. Typical applications of VT7000 Series Room Controllers with SEDWIN & SED-DOR series Zigbee Pro™ wireless switches can be used in network ready mode with or without integration to a central management system to allow for advanced functions such as central reservation occupancy functions.

A combination of up to twenty SED-WIN & SED-DOR door and/or window switches can be used simultaneously with a single VT7000 Series Terminal Equipment Controller. The SED-WIN & SED-DOR switches are factory delivered with 2 AAA batteries and can be installed, configured, and used right out of the box. Due to extremely small current consumption of the switches, the expected battery life is approximately 10 years and is equivalent to the battery shelf-life.

No tools are required for commissioning or servicing the door switch. A very simple interface with an on-board LED and hidden switch provides the required functions for local interaction. Local information for battery life and connectivity (heartbeat) are provided at the VT7000 Series Terminal Equipment Controller local display level, or through the Zigbee Pro™ wireless network.

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Product Features Include:

  • 24 Vac powered
  • Easy to set up and commission
  • Enclosure matches that of wall mounted controllers
  • Zigbee Pro™  wireless compatible


 SED-WIN & SED-DOR  Switch 

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SED-WIN & SED-DOR Installation Guide
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SED-WIN & SED-DOR Technical Sales Sheet
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