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Wireless Window and Door Switch - Discontinued - *Contact the Sales Team

Product Number: VWA5000 (Classic ZigBee)

Wireless Window and Door Switch - Discontinued - *Contact the Sales Team

Viconics has developed its new VWA5000 Series wireless window and door switch accessories for use in Hotels, Schools, Dorm rooms and Military Barracks. These new wireless switches can be easily installed and allow for monitoring of typical entry points such as doors, patio doors and windows. 

Used in conjunction with a local passive infrared motion sensor (PIR), the Viconics wireless switches allow for additional automatic energy savings without sacrificing guest comfort. In the lodging industry, for example, there is an opportunity to recover significant lost energy using advanced automatic occupancy detection. Using door and window switches along with a local PIR motion sensor can easily provide approximately 25 to 40 percent additional energy savings per room. This is achieved by allowing HVAC equipment to be automatically set back or placed in standby mode in order to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. 

Designed for quick and easy installation and virtually no maintenance, the Viconics window and door switches do not require any special software tools for commissioning. A very simple interface with an on-board LED and hidden switch provides all the required functions for local interaction and configuration. Wireless functionality means no new wires need to be installed, which in turn saves you money on overall system installation costs. Up to twenty VWA5000 door and/or window switches can be used simultaneously with a single Viconics VTR7300, VT7200 or VT7300 Controller. The door and window switches operate on two AA extended life batteries that typically last ten years before needing to be replaced. 

The Viconics window and door switches and associated temperature controllers provide a simple solution for achieving additional energy savings with very little initial cost or servicing required. These great new accessories provide the bestperformance and return on investment in their class.

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Product Features Include:

  • 24 Vac powered
  • Easy to set up and commission
  • Enclosure matches that of wall mounted controllers

VWA5000 Window and Door Switch Accessory Units

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VWA5000 Installation Guide
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